Private Sessions

Private Individual Sound Therapy Session

Powerful Individual One on One Sound Therapy Session includes lots of time before to discuss what you want to work on and to set your intentions for the session and allows lots of time after to process, discuss and share your experience.  Also includes a Personalized Sound Therapy Program so that you may continue your work and incorporate Sound Therapy into your Daily Practice.

Initial Session - Ninety Minutes                     $ 150.00

Regular Session - Sixty Minutes                    $ 100.00

“The best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen

or even touched, they must be felt with the Heart”  

Helen Keller

Private Group Sound Therapy Session

Powerful Custom Designed Private Group Sound Therapy Session created just for you to provide you with a venue to invite your circle of family and friends to support you on your journey and to assist you with what you are working on.  There is no limit and you may invite as many as you wish.  

Includes a Private Individual Session prior to the group session.  Also includes your own Private Group Sound Therapy Session Web Page with all of the information about your group session to make it easy for everyone in your group to join with a cell phone or other device with an Internet connection.  

Your Private Web Page and Group Sound Therapy Session will be available to you and your group for a full month immediately following your group session so you may join as many times as you wish.

            Private Group Sound Therapy Session      $ 300.00

Private Group Sound Therapy Session

 Private Individual Sound Therapy Session

Schedule a Sound Therapy Session

To schedule a session, send us an email at with your request including type of session and preferred day and time.  Sessions are scheduled weekdays between 10 AM and 4 PM Mountain Time.  Evening and weekend appointments are available by special request.

Once we decide on a day and time, we will send you an invoice that you may pay with a credit/debit card to confirm your appointment.

Private Mini Introduction to Sound Therapy Session

Private Thirty Minute Mini Session is an Introduction to Sound Therapy.   You will experience the Power of a Sound Therapy Session and learn a simple to use Heart Centered Breathing Exercise and how easy it is to incorporate Sound Therapy into

your Daily Practice to reduce stress and restore and maintain health and wellness.

Mini Intro to Sound Therapy Session            $  50.00

 Private Mini Introduction to Sound Therapy Session